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Sunday, January 13th 2013

1:39 AM

Dividing Small Business from Government Is a Wall Street Scam

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The effort to drive a wedge between small business and government is a Wall Street scam. Truth is, small business has no access to world capital markets, forcing small business to rely on credit from banks that are based upon deposits. That is what made it so evil that Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan Chase Bank was gambling with deposits in the UK financial casino that should have been loaned to small business. While small business does not have access to capital markets, government has no access to central bank low interest loans like Wall Street does. This is all a concerted plan to leave small business and local government as the ones most hurt by the financial shenanigans of Wall Street. Dividing small government from small business gives small business owners the mistaken notion that they are being helped by Wall Street, that Wall Street is on their side. But many know better. I emailed President Obama on this issue awhile back: Mr President, small business does not have access to capital markets. Small government does not have access to Bernanke's low interest loans that would help them escape the derivatives bets that they lost. You have done nothing about these. You are really not much of a Democrat, as you really are on the side of Big Business. That is why we don't have jobs. Romney is no different, but you haven't helped enough. What Republicans are so dishonest about regarding small business is that they make it a tax issue, when it really is an access to capital markets issue. The truth of the matter is this: If small business had access to worldwide capital markets like big business does, there would be less of a need for predatory businesses like Bain Capital. Bain Capital, run by Mitt Romney, borrows money and forces the companies it takes over, to pay the money back. Sometimes the interest rates are not so good. Sometimes the companies become over weighted by debt while the Bain investors cash out, leaving some companies only solution to be bankruptcy. Bain is like a plague upon businesses that may be able to borrow on the capital markets but, because they are private small businesses, cannot have access to these markets. The Republicans Want to Break America so They Can Cut Social Programs The Republicans have a plan. They want to get people to not buy our treasury bonds so that American government will have to be cut and the poor and elderly taken off any help they get. This is unnecessary and wrong. There is no financial reason to put the US in such debt. The Republicans, with their supply side economics, is the party of debt, not the Democrats!

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