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Saturday, August 14th 2010

7:07 AM

The Tea Party Wants to Steal Your Social Security.

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I have written that the Tea Party has a secret love affair with the big banks.

Well, as it turns out, they also are strongly opposed to keeping Social Security as a public program. I went to the Yahoo boards today as Yahoo ran an article about Obama's warning concerning social security. He said that the Republicans wanted to do away with SS as we know it. Well, it is true. On the early Kudlow show in CNBC yesterday, they devoted time to arguing this very point. Of course, we know why Wall Street wants your social security money. They want to make money off of it.

There have been two bubbles and two crashes in less than 15 years. Wall Street is stronger than ever. They are mad at the boomers for boycotting them, and they want new fresh money to gamble with. Wake up people. As odious as the Democrats are, the Republicans are worse. They want your Social Security money and they want it now.

As it turns out, the Yahoo responses were the Tea Party mob responding. The Tea Party mob controls the Yahoo boards and they are trying to make a statement. I would say that these guys can post over and over, and apparently Yahoo wants this. Unless it is some glitch in the system Yahoo needs to explain why a guy posing as Rush Limbaugh continually had the ability to make post after post while others could not.

Anyway, don't be fooled. Obama wasn't lying. I saw the CNBC broadcast and Kudlow is squarely against keeping social security as it is. That bankster shill is salivating over getting hold of your money. Even if SS fund was empty, the money paid out would be about 70 percent and they just need to tweak the program to fix it for the future. Don't let the Republican fear mongering scare you.

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