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Tuesday, August 24th 2010

6:17 PM

I Got a Laugh and Hopefully Gave One at Thinkspin Political Humor Blog

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Thinkspin had an article about people being infected with the "stupid virus", necessitating a recall of the eggheads that support some really stupid politicians.  Since the author says that the final days of the disease involve staring blankly at reruns of Glenn Beck, I did some research on my own. As I posted at the Thinkspin political blog, I actually discovered a few shocking facts. Here they are:

I think Glenn Beck infected Sarah Palin. I am sure that Dr. Syphilis is looking into it. In fact, I think that McCain showed symptoms since the campaign, as he now wants the damn fence built. As a New World Order guy I know that kills him. But that is what happens when you hump-a-Palin. And he has Glenn Beck to thank.

Can you imagine if they had offspring? I don't think that the Tea Party blood type can mingle with traditional Republican types. I see an RH double negative shot in Sarah's future if this pregnancy is allowed to continue. [This is not the sort of McCain Palin ticket that would further their lustful political natures.]

Totally unknown to Thinkspin, I had also engaged the nation of Shalampax in some advice for their nation, in the throws of their first census that went poorly. In the face of little cooperation by the citizens of that worthless nation, I came up with a plan for their great leader, which I hope he follows in the future. I think that those citizens that don't bother to fill out the census have been infected with the Ignaramous Stupidous Virus. I think it has spread far beyond the bounds previously considered by Thinkspin:

I personally think you should have had an incentive to get people to do the census. In the US, federal funds flow to the states who have all their citizens fill out the census because, if you aren’t counted your state government loses out. Perhaps Shalampax could be divided into three states, and federal funds should be doled out according to compliance and accuracy. After all, if California has 38 million people, but the census only counts 35 million, then Cali gets fewer funds.

But you should have the redneck southern state refuse to allow her citizens to be counted, since southerners are protesting illegal immigration. That would insure that the two blue states get more than their fair share. And the redneck citizens could just count their navels, which is all they are capable of counting anyway.

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