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Sunday, September 12th 2010

11:49 AM

Ron Paul Says Tea Party Is BeingTaken for a Ride by Beck and Palin


Ron Paul, who is against neocon wars and the Fed, says that the Tea Party is being taken for a ride. He is right, as the outcome of Tea Party rage has been an embracing of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, folks who are interested in making war and keeping ponzi bubbles alive in order to finance those wars. So, Paul opposes bubbles and wants a real currency and real economics. Can't say as I blame him. Some on the left, like Dennis Kucinich, also want the same things.

Ron Paul supported the Tea Party out of political necessity as the Tea Party had candidates running against him. The Tea Party supported the rant of Rick Santelli on February 18, 2010. Yet, Santelli is wrong as Matt Taibbi  has unearthed. This is the same Matt Taibbi who put Goldman Sachs in their place as the scamming and scheming bullies that they are. I stand with Taibbi on almost all things he says about the scamsters that make up Wall Street. Taibbi is warning the Paul followers that the Tea Party is not the group that agrees with them. And he is correct.

So now, the Tea Party has pretty much gone the way of Beck and Palin, which is essentially a neocon position. And Paul, who had been on Beck many times, now says, correctly, that the Tea Party people are being taken for a ride by Beck. Here is a discussion about Ron Paul's warning against Beck and Palin. Wake up sleepy Republicans. You wonder why we can't trust your party? It is because the neocons are in control. Republicans, take back your party from the neocons or get out of the party.

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