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Wednesday, September 15th 2010

12:53 PM

Who Are the Tea Party Founders? They Are the John Birch Society Radicals.

Fred Koch, the industrial radical, helped form the John Birch Society and his two sons are reportedly the main contributors to the Tea Party. No wonder Ron Paul bolted and accused the Tea Baggers of being led astray. Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck may as well be John Birchers. Their radical views are very close to Birchers.

If America is this sleepy, to not be able to recognize wackos taking over the country we have problems. I put two and two together as a buddy sent me information about Koch, but then I googled this article which states:

"The local Tea Party leaders and avid supporters, such as Mr. Windham, also are head of the local John Birch chapter.... The GOP is in a fight for the party against anti-American government goose-stepping extremists, known as the Tea Party, funded by the billionaire Koch brothers via their organizations such as Americans for Prosperity (Mayer, Jane. Covert Operation The New Yorker, Sept. 5, 2010)."

Why wouldn't Fox News, or CNBC as well, who pimps the Tea Party every chance they get, expose these bozos as being heirs of the Birch Society? Perhaps they think that the time has come for Nazi fascism to totally grip the United States. Thanks Faux!

I suggest that people think long and hard before they would ever consider following such a dangerous organization as the John Birch Society. They are against any redistribution of wealth, and so is the Tea Party. Sound great until you realize that 10 percent of the people control 93 percent of the assets, and tax policy plans to make that even more slanted to the rich. And the ponzi housing scheme actually distributed wealth from the middle class to the richest Americans. They are wealthier than ever!

Wake up you brainwashed middle class and lower class Americans. Why would you support a doctrine that says we should get rid of social security, that opposed the civil rights movement, that wants to fight communism by introducing fascism?

Here is the problem folks, there is a new world economic order. Glenn Beck, part off the add on Tea Party Express, sees it but I don't trust him. I think he spends way too much time worrying about communism and just a little time worried about fascism, an economic corporatism that manifests itself in money being funneled to the top 1 percent of the people. This money is gotten by price gouging and ponzi lending against the other classes.

I may be wrong about Beck, but I am not sure how much Glenn Beck wants peace.  We cannot fight the NWO with war. I am for a sovereign United States, but not one that wants to take over the entire world through our military might. Does Beck want war against Russia, which benefits the central bankers? The Birchers are for war against communism. They are not  aligned with the neocons who want perpetual war but it would not take much for that alliance to materialize. Making war with Russia is a fool's game, and this must not be contemplated!

And the John Birchers want to destroy things that are truly American, like social security. They have always been upper middle class elitists. This is what makes them dangerous. They want to separate themselves as being better but they are not better. In fact, they are pawns for the very rich. They can't see corporatism and abuse by the corporate powers that own government. This is no doubt why Ron Paul separated and warned the Tea Party rank and file.

I have argued that capitalism cannot survive unless there is a strong middle class.

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