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Wednesday, December 8th 2010

11:26 PM

Glenn Beck Is a Wacko. He Hates the Unemployed and Scares the Sheeple

Granted, there is a small chance of social breakdown, that Glenn Beck is scaring folks with every night on his misguided show. However, this social order is not likely to disintegrate and so Beck is a demogogue scaring the sheeple daily. Here is the definition of a demogogue:

A leader who makes false claims and preys on the fears of men in order to gain power. Yep that is Beck all the way. He is a kook. He is a John Bircher who thinks there is a communist under every rock. He would be a pathological paranoid guy if it weren't planned.

Anyone who has as little compassion on the unemployed, yet fears people losing the ability to feed themselves is a power monger.

He is spewing the John Birch message that supported Joe McCarthy and the ruination of many lives in the 1950's. He is a disgusting POS.

If he were really worried about the national debt and the possibility that the bond vigilantes will raise interest rates too high, then why doesn't he oppose tax cuts for the rich? Because he is not only a demogogue, but he is a greedy demogogue. 

This is how you know a demogogue. It is a person who claims to fear fascism of a new financial order while somehow explaining that this new financial order is communistic. Communism is the control of business by government, permanently. Fascism is control of the government by big business. That is what we have and it is not communism! What a dick.

Here are two distinctions that really matter as to the difference between Glenn Beck and those who care about mainstreet. I wrote this on a comment on Business Insider:

"Faux News is a John Birch Society patsy.

Here is a careful distinction. It is one thing to know about the new world order. It is another to call it communistic when in fact it is fascistic. This is a crucial distinction.

Here is another crucial distinction: It is one thing to have a populist movement for justice for mainstreet. It is quite another to have a populist movement for the rich, which is the Tea Party. They aren't the same.

Beck and these demagogues are using currents of turmoil to enhance their own power base. They are wicked and deceitful people."

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/leaked-fox-news-memo-reveals-news-division-told-to-echo-gop-talking-point-2010-12#comment-4d00f20ccadcbb4f58010000#ixzz17d01ywUR

 I wrote this to Mainstreetbitesback.com:

Sirs, there is a distinction between mainstreet populism and a populism that says stop unemployment, or don't write down mortgages in order to keep people in their homes, or calling fascist banksters a communist movement.

We know the John Birch game. You take a little truth and you misuse it. We aren't fooled.

I suggest that cutting back on government can take one of two paths. One is through a solid, but reasoned austerity. The other is an IMF austerity. If you support an IMF austerity why don't you come out and say it. You want revolution. It appears that Beck does.

Convince me otherwise. Convince me that you view Wall Street as having attacked mainstreet: http://hubpages.com/hub/Ponzi-Housing-Bubble-the-Result-of-Too-Little-Regulation

Meantime here is an article that may help you: http://hubpages.com/hub/Go-to-hell-IMF-We-dont-want-your-austerity-plans-or-tax-increases

Here is the deal. Yes we need some austerity, but too much will kill the economy and cause chaos. It would be better for bondholders and bank bondholders to take a haircut than to have mainstreet continue to be raped by the banksters: http://hubpages.com/hub/Proof-That-Basel-2-Caused-Ponzi-Housing-and-Foreclosuregate

I hope you would take the time to read the articles. Here is the deal, a populism that is only for the rich is not populism. It is a scam. Are you a scam? If not you need to be very careful about Glenn Beck.

Don't pretend to be for mainstreet if you think there is a commuist under every rock. Remember the words of Ron Paul, Beck and Palin are taking the Tea Party for a ride.

Gary Anderson
Reno, NV

If Sara Palin is this guy's buddy you need to see what a demogogue she is as well.

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