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Sunday, March 27th 2011

8:46 AM

Exposing Eric Cantor for the Fraudster He Is. He Is a Real Estate Con Artist

I saw this article in a Richmond paper. While the article doesn't tell the whole story, of course, this comment by Air Jackie does:

"Banks committed fraud, robo signing, misdirected information, lost Deeds by betting on swaps and CEO's lying under oath. State Supreme Court Justices have put a stop to Bank fraud/foreclosures. Cantor approves of the fraud and stolen homes Banks have done to Military soldiers at War. Cantor was given 600,000 dollars in donations to make sure businesses and the public support his move to allow the Banks to continue to commit fraud and illegally foreclose on homes. As reported on Business Week, people aren't buying homes because the Banks don't have the Deeds. Buy a home today and like many you fine out you don't and will never own it. Banks are just collecting payments with no Trustee. A blue print from the Mafia as Americans look one day to owning their home. A lady paid for her home in full giving the Banks a check for 182,000 dollars. Weeks later she got a notice from another Bank saying she owed them 182,000 because they held the Deed. While in Court another Bank filed they had the Deed and demanded their money of 182,000 dollars. The Judge called all the three banks in court. Well in the end none of them owned the house as the documents proved the home was illegally foreclosed on and fake/fraud documents were passed around. The owner of the house was the one illegally foreclosed on and the Judge ordered the Bank to give the original owner the check. Next even a Ohio Judge got his house illegally foreclosed but the Bank aka Chase quickly withdrew the order once they learned they tricked a sitting Judge."

It is interesting that more and more people understand that our property laws have been manipulated. People need to be careful and get a lawyer to look at their homeowners title insurance! And even then you may not be safe in buying. Something to think about.

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