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Thursday, June 2nd 2011

7:50 PM

New Yorkers Are Gloating That Amanda Hocking Signed with a Publisher. Ha!

I think it is too soon for New Yorkers, like the New Yorker Magazine, to gloat over stealing indie author Amanda Hocking. Fact is, there is an army of people selling ebooks as indies. The accumulated army of no DRM warriors in the indie publishing game is still a major threat to traditional publishers worldwide. I think it is great that good authors, like myself, are not limited to just posting our articles to famous websites. I get no pay for doing so, but with this ebook outlet available to me, I feel it is worth the effort to write articles online. It is an honor really.

Point is, New Yorkers are going to feel this steady decline of publishing importance, at least in many popular genres. And this decline will hit the real estate bubble there and most likely will cause a lot of pain for those who thought it was not a bubble.

But I digress. Certainly the advent of Smashwords, and all the online ebook stores will do nothing but help indie authors. I wanted my no DRM ebooks sold worldwide by Barnes and Noble, but they won't do it. So I will have to accept what they do and hope for a US breakout there. But at Diesel and Ibooks, worldwide is the goal. And the US centric ebook stores will lose out big time. 

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