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Friday, June 3rd 2011

3:38 PM

OMG. Sarah Palin Is Terminally Stupid. She Doesn't Understand Paul Revere?

Lol, I am wondering what they teach in Alaska, because Sarah Palin is terminally stupid. She thought Paul Revere was warning the British. Can you believe that? This woman is brain dead, terminally stupid. Sarah Palin needs a different line of work, like swinging on a poll or something.

And we have that other dimwit, Michelle Bachmann, saying that the shot heard round the world occurred in New Hampshire. What on earth did these bimbos learn in school? Obviously you don't have to be educated to be a politician, and maybe even more so if you have a pretty face!!!

I would be embarrassed for them if I didn't think they were so dangerous and so in bed with their handlers.

My ebooks would be too much for either of these ladies. Too bad, they could learn something.

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