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Tuesday, July 12th 2011

7:49 AM

Not Enough Americans Read Business Ebooks. Be a Patriot and Read!

The reason that business ebooks can be important is that they can give you an overview of the financial crisis in America, give tips for how to combat that crisis, and make you into a real patriot. How does reading ebooks make you a patriot? Well, some of those ebooks expose the relentless chipping away at sovereignty of the United States on the part of bankers and central bankers. Don't think that the housing bubble and crash were accidents.

While most of the crisis ebooks have dealt with the TBTF banks, or the steps leading up to and including the crash, I focus on the process leading up to the bubble. My ebooks focus on that time. I believe that the bubble was preplanned, and I have some research, charts and lessons from Will Rogers so that we can understand that the banks periodically prey on main street. I hope you would buy them, loan them to your friends, and get the word out about what is needed to combat, peacefully, these predatory lenders and the highest financial players in the world. These people do not have your best interest in their list of concerns.

You can find my author page on Amazon here.

You can find my author page on Apple here.

If you cannot afford an ebook please email me at bgamall4 at yahoo dot com and I will send you a code so that you can download one of them for free on Smashwords. I am serious about wanting to get the word out. I have agonized over the deeds committed against mainstreet during the past decade and I am appalled as I discovered what the bankers were up to. You should be appalled and you should take action to avoid the pitfalls that the financial industry has for you.

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